Quality Policy

Marques & Cruz reflects in this management policy its orientation towards the continuous satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

Based on an absolute respect for the compliance obligations that apply to it, it seeks to improve its productivity, promoting in parallel the adoption of practices conducive to the protection of the environment and the prevention of injuries and health conditions of employees, which is why it promotes the involvement of its employees in compliance with the Management System.

In this way, the following M&C commitments were defined:

Focus on customers and stakeholders
In order to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers, M&C strives to satisfy the requirements established by its customers, seeking to exceed their expectations.

Partnership with suppliers
In order to ensure the quality and conformity of its products, the company requires all suppliers to strictly comply with the rules and other compliance obligations.

Continuous improvement
Through the analysis and treatment of the data generated by the management system, the company develops actions with the objective of ensuring the continuous improvement of its processes.

With the objetive of reducing costs in order to ensure viability and economic success, the company continuously seeks to optimize its processes and performance.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
Ensure compliance with the obligations applicable to the organization, related to the quality of the product/service.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (PDF)